Truth in Madvertising

Dear 'Muricans --

We, the Republican Congressmen and Senators of these here United States of Wealthy America, have shit the governmental bed. We will continue to shit the bed until you give us everything we demand, even if we're not certain what that is. Besides giving in to our outrageous whims, we also demand you allow us to save face by not acknowledging that we have, in point of fact, shit the bed like a pack of over-stuffed baboons with explosive diarrhea. We look forward to your total capitulation. Please excuse us now as we feel the need to gather some of this shit from our bed and fling it at the walls. Never fear -- there's more where that came from.


Your Motherfucking Insane GOP.

Addendum: Look, there are reasonable Republicans out there but, sadly, not enough to make a difference, and the ones who do exist in Congress are too afraid of their insane base to take the GOP back (see Simpson, Mike). So until the Teabagger whackjobs are locked back into their padded cells, I can only hope President Obama and Congressional Democrats stand their ground and refuse to give in to their lunatic hostage demands.