Idaho GOP Fights for James Brown!


Isn't he the Godfather of Soul?

Regarding the Idaho Republican Party fighting for soul:

“It is a fight, really, for the heart and soul of the Republican Party,” Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said. “Are you out there on that far edge, or are you rational? I certainly hope that the rational message comes forward.

James Brown sang some relevant lyrics:

HEY, fellas!
Sometimes your business is ALL messed up, yeah!
…sometimes you don't have your thing together, yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH!
…and when your thing is ALL messed up… somebody will take that fire, yeah!

And look at these thoughts from Spokesman Review commenters:

"How could the GOP be fighting for something that doesn't exist?" - slamdunk

And a shot from Joel Kennedy:

"The official "Fulcher for Governor" Fact Check page says it all ..."