Meet A.J. Balukoff, Candidate for Governor of Idaho

A.J. Balukoff’s honest, experienced leadership has helped make Idaho a better place.

Thirty-one years ago, A.J. and his wife Susie moved to Idaho because they believed it was the best place in the country to raise their 8 children. The accounting firm he started in his home was the start of a successful business career that helped build our economy and created hundreds of good Idaho jobs.

As one of Idaho’s educational leaders, A.J. helped deliver some of the best schools in the nation with high academic performance, financial responsibility and accountability to parents and taxpayers. He believes that every Idaho child and community deserves the same opportunities for success.

His campaign website says:

For March, we're launching a new campaign. We're calling it 'March Matchness'. As a demonstration of my commitment to making Idaho a better place for everyone and to this campaign, I will match every contribution that is made during the month of March, dollar for dollar. If you didn't have a chance to support my campaign in February, take advantage of March Matchness, and your contribution will have double the impact for Idaho. Please use the following form to contribute online. We can't thank you enough for your generosity.

A.J. has gotten results on the issues we need a governor to get right. As a Board Member of St. Luke’s, he helped improve the delivery of health care. He has worked to strengthen adult education and care for abused and neglected children. And as a leader in his church, he has lived the values of extending a helping hand to those in need.

A.J. Balukoff applies the same basic values to everything he does. Work hard. Tell the truth. Put people first. Treat everyone with respect and fairness. It is why he has been able to make such a difference for Idaho, and why he will be able to do even more as our next governor.

Here is A.J. on the issues:


After 20 years of the same politicians running state government, Idaho is at or near the bottom in every measure of student achievement. We are 47th in rate of graduates going to college. Only 5 of Idaho’s 70 largest high schools have more than 50% of their graduates prepared for college, according to Idaho’s own state standards. Many school districts are only in session 4 days a week. Classroom overcrowding is sending some of our best and brightest teachers out of state. Parents who already struggle to make ends meet are buried in extra fees. One reason: Idaho is now 50th in the nation for the amount of money we invest in each student. At the same time, politicians refuse to listen to parents and educators about what our schools need most. Education is the most important foundation of success, for our kids, our community and our economy. We need a governor whose actions reflect that.


Idaho’s middle class families and those who struggle to get by are being squeezed like never before. The rising cost of living and health care make it harder to make ends meet, while the governor’s and legislature’s policies have made Idaho #1 in minimum wage jobs. At the same time, the middle class is being forced to shoulder more and more of the tax burden while well-connected corporations and the wealthy get tax breaks. To create opportunity and success, we need a system that rewards hard work, fairness and freedom.


Every tax dollar we send to state government is hard-earned. The politicians in the state capitol don’t seem to appreciate that. They can’t seem to spend our money responsibly, efficiently or effectively. At the same time, there is no accountability when government puts the interests of corporations and contributors before the needs of the people who elected them. The result is a “pay-to-play” culture that benefits campaign contributors and the powerful with contracts and tax breaks, but leaves Idahoans on the outside looking in. We need a governor that will make sure that the Idaho values of integrity, respect for others and putting people first become our government’s values as well.