The First Democrat Ever: A letter from Jana Jones - Candidiate for Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction

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Dear 43sb Reader,

Two weeks ago I announced my candidacy for Idaho’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. I have been humbled by the outpouring of support I have received and energized by the enthusiasm Idahoans are expressing for restoring hope and optimism in their public schools and trust back in the Office of State Superintendent.

And I know Idaho voters are energized too.  Give this clip a listenit’s from a conservative talk radio show in Idaho Falls.

The host, Neal Larson, starts a poll at the 1:17:00 mark pitting me against Tom Luna.  I won that poll. In fact, I’m the first Democrat to ever do so in this history of the show.

But that energy alone won’t be enough to put me over the top. I know this is going to be a hard race and I’ll need your help along the way.

Will you help by contributing to the campaign online? Your contribution of $25, $50, $250, or whatever you can afford will allow
me to deliver my positive vision for Idaho’s public schools and show Tom Luna that it’s time to end Idaho’s free fall to the bottom, put our education system back on track, and get it moving forward again.

My favorite quote from the radio poll was from a Republican who said, “Jones. And I’ll even campaign for her.”

I think there are a lot more folks like that out there, but I’ll need your help to reach them.  Please take a minute to visit my website and help me send Tom Luna packing.





Jana Jones has spent her entire career as an educational leader Idahoans can trust to stand up for children and their families.

A fourth generation Idahoan and the first of Wayne and Janice Hammond’s 5 children, Jana was a born into the values that make Idaho great: honesty, hard work, and independence. She grew up in Bonneville County and attended Idaho Falls School District 91, where she would eventually teach after graduating from Skyline High School and earning her bachelor’s degree in Special Education at Utah State University.

Dissatisfied with the lack of early childhood education in the state before kindergarten was funded, and after earning a master’s degree in Special Education, Jana founded and operated Progressive Day School in Idaho Falls—one of the first early childhood centers in the state to include children with special needs. Progressive Day School is still open today and is where countless children in Idaho started school, including all of Jana’s children and grandchildren.

Impressed with her work at Progressive Day School, Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction Jerry Evans asked Jana to join Idaho’s State Department of Education in the Bureau of Special Education. Not long after, Democratic Governor Cecil Andrus brought Jana in to lead his Office of Children where she lobbied for state-funded kindergarten and administered early childhood/child care programs across the state. Her work at Idaho’s State Department of Education spanned three administrations where she worked in the Bureau of Special Education under Republican Superintenden ts of Public Instruction Jerry Evans, Dr. Anne Fox, and Democrat Dr. Marilyn Howard. Jana, by then Dr. Jones after earning her Ed.D in educational leadership from Idaho State University, was Chief Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Currently, Dr. Jones is a vice president in the K-12 education practice of a national government consulting firm where she works with school districts, charter schools, and state departments of education throughout the country on improving the education of children. She holds 6 endorsements from the Idaho State Department of Education, including Director of Special Education, Principal, and Superintendent.

Dr. Jones stood up for Idaho’s kids again on January 7, 2014 by announcing her candidacy for Superintendent of Public Instruction.