The Rumors of My Demise...

Alas, my belligerent ways got the better of me. Facebook deigned to note my existence and takes umbrage at my name, insisting no one would actually name their child "Sisyphus". I'm hurt. Since I doubt very much that the Facebook behemoth has a minion devoted to discovering and deciding worthiness of participants, one must assume that I angered some ideologically rigid, arrested development wingnut with the truth, who then gathered up their negative emotions, ran off to their Facebook mommy, demanded and obtained censorship, thus achieving no victory, but satisfaction in fulfilling their ad hominem, with no one left to point out the fallacy.

At this point I can engage them and launch into yet another defense of pseudonymity and how it filled a vital role in accomplishing change in rigid and dogmatic environments throughout history in enabling the speaking of truth to power without recrimination. Indeed, our country's birth owes much to pseudonymous writers, the right to which was incorporated into the first amendment. Or I could point out that pseudonymous internet users actually improve a site's comment section. But we all know how that will turn out.

Being a Democrat in Idaho, I'm no stranger to quixotic endeavors, but there has to be an end game worthy of achievement. Given the multitude of assumed names which grace Facebook, commercial or otherwise, their stand is little short of hypocritical and certainly randomly erratic. But I'm fond of my subversive persona and loathe the idea of acquiescing to such arbitrary power and control. So I bide my time while mulling whether to die ignobly and permanently or rise like a Phoenix in another guise. I loved my community of friends and hope my existence enabled you to engage each other on a more personal level. Adieu.

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OK, it's official: I now hate Facebook. Actually, my hatred is nothing new, but my head is literally exploding over this. Why? Because I've been trying for 18 months to get FB to deal with an obviously fake profile that uses a blatantly racist slur as a first name and a blatantly homophobic slur as the last name. Eighteen months and nothing . . . nada . . . bupkis. Yet "Sisyphus" is shut down.

I suppose it would be funny if it weren't so absolutely insane.

Personally, I hope you rise like a Phoenix because FB is a far better place with you there than with you absent.

Apparently you annoyed the wrong person?

There are a ton of pseudonyms, as you well know. Hell, the name I go by day to day is an alias. (But, sshh.) One wonders just how it is that they do this vetting, and make the decision, and whack the account. Did they whack it with no notice and no recourse? Did they at least let you download your stuff first?

There are a lot of people--including me--who miss your presence there.

Sanctimonious pricks.

They suspended the account until I agree to supply a name they think is real. I've enjoyed my little break and haven't determined yet whether to restart the old account or make a new one.

Duncan Idaho?

Not quite as generically mythic, but you could take it in a new direction. Let me know if you need a letter of reference or something.


I'd love to see a letter of reference from one Fort Boise for one Sisyphus (er...Duncan Idaho or any other fictitious name).