An Imaginary Conversation Between Rep Matt Shea (WA-R); Rep Vito Barbieri (ID-R) and Ted Nugent (FKTARD-R)

Shea: Whoa, Ha!
Barbieri: Yeah! Argh!
Nugent: Fuckin' kill a deer and a libtard!
Shea: Ho! Ha!
Barbieri: Grunt!
Nugent: Burp
Shea: Collapse! Society Kill Kill!
Barbieri: Bad! Eat squirrels! YUM
Nugent: Fuck Squirrels with a broadhead dipped in DYNAMITE. WANGO TANGO
Shea: Urp
Barbieri: Fighting the city people! Yeah!
Shea: Hell yeah!
Nugent: Bait 'em with foodstamps HO HO
Shea: HO HO Yeah
Barbieri: HAHAHA and peanuts!
Shea: Peanuts?
Nugent: Penises for the libgays! hahaha Kill Elk Yeah!

(it goes on a lot longer but this was the part with the most elucidated exchange of ideas regarding the pre-apocalyptic visioning and strategic planning of certain Northwest GOP representatives)

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It's as if penned by Willy S. himself, after he drank two fifths of tequila and ate a bag of shrooms.


I know it's part of your schtick, but is it necessary to use the suffix -tard for every word?

Want vs Need

Well, I think I used it once to parody right wingers and their pejoratives for liberals. But in the grand scheme of wants vs needs, I'd have to answer you no it isn't necessary to use it even once.


I understand that right wingers use it frequently and that's unfortunate as well. It's just not a term I see any use for, regardless of how it is being used and by whom. But such is the English language. There are plenty of words I don't see any use for and they are used whether I approve or not.