Three Days in Idaho

Staying up at the lake to beat the heat draped over Spokane like a thermonuclear blanket on an Ammonia Giant on the hot side of Mercury.

Some random impressions: Every day EVERY FUCKING DAY someone is blasting rounds though their gun either on the other side of the lake or just up the beach. I'm not unused to the gun popping hilarity of the locality. But even for North Idaho this is extreme. IS IT BECAUSE THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR IS ABOUT TO COMMENCE? Scary Obama! It's truly annoying me. I've been tempted to bring out my Mossberg SX 12 gauge auto loaded and arc about 8 fast ones over the lake. But why bother? I'll be gunfighting these microcephalic squirrel eating quilt lovers soon enough.

CURAD CAMO MO-FKNG BANDAIDS - no shit. Bought them in Rathdrum. Perfect for when you got to bandage up the wounds and still BLEND IN WITH THE WOODLANDS. Jesus Christ. This country has gone nuts.

Climate Change weirdness: While North Idaho isn't exactly the canary in the coal mine for climate change (it is, perhaps that for the event horizon of inbred genetics) I was trippin' to watch a bat fly out over the lake eating bugs DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE BLISTERING HOT AFTERNOON. I grabbed a kayak paddle and much impressed the neighbors who were imploring me to get that bat! Lucky for it, it flew a different way. Also - I watched an osprey doing touch and go landings on the lake spraying a sort of osprey rooster tail. WTF was that? Raptors having fun? Dig.

One more day and it's back to civilization and all. I will miss North Idaho. But I will work on my aim!