Tweet with (not-so) Veiled Obama Threat Removed

UPDATED 11/13/12:

This diary was published last week under the title:

Should the Secret Service Investigate this Tweet?

While @LauraFlyMe's Twitter account is still active, the link to a tweet that read like a threat to Obama now shows "This Twitter Page does not exist."

This development adds new light to the dialogue below.

What do you think happened?


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UPDATED 11:33 a.m. MST

The watchful eye of Sisyphus has uncovered this lunacy.

This tweet has been up many hours:

If you scroll her page you will notice that a few people have already used the @ command to forward the tweet to the official Secret Service Twitter page:

And here is a similar response:

Others took a more academic approach, saying things like:

"Thanks for making us Christians look bad."

Her message crosses the line. And is @LauraFlyMe involved in the airline industry? Maybe. A quick read of the site shows it to be either a fake or a generic profile. As tytalus points out in the comments under the Daily Kos post:

"That background looks old. seems to be an old advertising campaign from National Airlines dating back to the 1970s."

The page is also filled with other extremist rants.

What do you think the consequences should be?

Here is the screenshot: