Luna Cronin City Club Debate Video Discloses Battery

Update 10/5: Thanks to swingitjack, we have an edited version disclosing the actual physical altercation at the debate. I've placed it up top and bumped the whole debate below the jump and encourage everyone to watch when they get time.

Here's the first half of [edited segment disclosing the physical altercation between the advocates at] the Luna Cronin City Club debate regarding the controversial Luna school reform legislation. Please observe the 28:20 0:44 mark and the Luna Cronin exchange that the media was anxious to question them about afterwards. At 28:29 0:48 Luna's second grab was clearly done with animosity. Popkey chronicles the event as follows.

Rep. Brian Cronin says Superintendent Tom Luna “forcefully” grabbed his arm, spilling a glass of water, and swore at him during Tuesday’s forum.

After the event, Luna said he complained that Cronin used “a lot of personal attacks” in his opening speech.

Luna grabbed Cronin immediately after he sat down, and Cronin said Luna pungently expressed his displeasure with Cronin’s remarks: “It was vulgar.”

Pressed to elaborate, Cronin said, “He said, ‘That’s the biggest bunch of bull---- I ever heard. I can’t believe you said that.’ ”

Asked if he used vulgarity, Luna said, “No. No. I’m just not going to go there because you will not report this fairly. We had a private conversation. I’ll leave it at that.

In Idaho, a battery is defined as any "[a]ctual, intentional and unlawful touching or striking of another person against the will of the other...." Idaho Code section 18-903(b). No word on whether criminal charges will ensue.

Part two is as follows.

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The school bully

(finally got this to work, w/iOS and Quicktime; Win/Flash n.g. here, or on KTVB's site)

Video analysis: Luna applauds along with others, grabs Cronin's arm to lean and say something... in what might seem a collegial sidebar, if the two of them were colleagues. The second time, more of a grab, definitely inappropriate touching, and yes, caused Cronin to spill the water that he had in his right hand. Luna leans in even closer, the way you do when you say something you only want one person to hear. After the exchange, Cronin has a slightly dazed look, "did that really just happen?!"

I know the difficulties in eye-witness testimony, being able to recount exactly what happened or what one person--or I--said in a heated exchange. If you're angry, it's very easy to say something and then not be able to remember exactly what it was you said. If Luna were honest about it and said "yes I was angry, but I don't think I said that," I might have a little respect for him.

As it is, we see what kind of a bully he is. His righteous indignation provides justification for whatever it was he said; and the media won't treat him "fairly," so whatever. But here, this camera is very fair and unbiased.

Bullies are made by being abused. Mr. Luna has our sympathy for whatever it was in his past that made him who he is. But it's time for him to admit his problem, get help and find integrity as a grown-up.


At the beginning of the forum, Professor Weatherby scolded the audience on civility. Apparently he should have directed those remarks at Luna. Moreover, nobody is really addressing Luna's complaint that Cronin got personal in his opening remarks. I challenge anyone to determine where Cronin might have gotten personal.

Luna, and the other proponents of his reform laws, continue to point the finger at school teachers for being union thugs for the vandalism caused to Luna's truck despite the lack of any evidence as to who caused it. This video discloses Luna's character and there's an argument that Luna is just as likely to have staged the vandalism rather than a school teacher going to his house in the wee hours of the morning.