Idaho GOP Rep. Labrador missing too many votes

Jimmy Farris for Congress

Dear Constituent,

Yesterday marked a very significant moment in this campaign.

Congressman Labrador decided for the first time that it was necessary to respond to questions regarding his record.

Last Friday our campaign put out a press release calling out Raul Labrador on his poor attendance record in Congress. Labrador has missed nearly double the amount of votes as the average representative, and over double the amount of votes of all three of his most recent predecessors. Yesterday, in an article on the front page of the Idaho Statesman newspaper, Congressman Labrador's free pass to re-election came to an end. Dan Popkey, reporter for the Statesman, started the article off by saying "Freshman GOP Rep. Raul Labrador is absent from voting at triple the rate of his three predecessors, and his Democratic challenger is calling him on it." Popkey then went on to report...

"Labrador has missed 72 of 1,531 recorded votes, according to, which follows Congress. That’s 4.7 percent, almost twice the House median of 2.5 percent."

"Labrador looks still worse compared to his three immediate predecessors: Walt Minnick (1.9 percent missed), Bill Sali (1.2 percent) and Idaho Gov. Butch Otter (1.7 percent). Together, Minnick, Sali and Otter missed 113 of 6,962 votes, or 1.6 percent."

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This also marks the first time in the campaign that Labrador has responded to one of Jimmy's claims, saying, "Farris has a legitimate point."

Congressman Labrador also said in the article that he may end up missing more votes this Wednesday to campaign with Mitt Romney in the state of Florida. Jimmy then fired back, saying, “I think Congressman Labrador needs to decide if he is running to be a part of a potential Romney administration or to represent Idaho in Congress.”

This story has since been picked up by the Associated Press, and is showing up in news sources across the country. Raul Labrador is vulnerable, and is part of a Congress that has the worst approval rating in our nation's history. We CAN win this race, and replace Labrador with a hard working, problem solving, common sense leader – Jimmy Farris. We just need to raise enough money to get our message up on TV. We cannot allow Raul Labrador to coast to re-election without the voters knowing the truth about his record. Please make a financial contribution to our campaign today, and we will take the ball across the end zone this November!

Thank you so much for all of your support!

Dave Scheppler
Campaign Manager
Farris for Congress