Romney/Ryan 2012!

A Team to End All Teams

Here is why I support Romney/Ryan: I am tired of all the pre-Post Apoc fictionalizing and romanticizing and memorializing. Screw that. I'm excited for it to just happen. We all know we've wound this planet up and it's spinning off its moral and ecological axis to a hellish death world of hideous futures and worse presents. Only the dead will truly be free.

But hey, let's get to it. Obama just delays the inevitable. Sure, he might stave off some horrible stuff or even put us on an alternative trajectory. But only temporary. After Clinton rocked our world and put us on top what the f did America do? They elected the evil boy banjo head and his hell-borne demon guide. We don't deserve a good future. We can't handle prosperity and hope.

So go Mitt and Ryan! You fuckers are wrong enough, greedy enough, uncaring enough to jack the velocity up, keep us on course, and basically pedal to the medal us into the hellish and bleak future of have nots and about to become have nots. Let's get busy dying and killing and eating the carrion of our culture.

I'm armed. I'm camp and survival gear upped. I'm angry and hopeless. I'm ready. I know where to go, where to hide, how to steal your animals and children, and how to start up a neo-tribal collective of death loving and resource seizing survivors.

I'm ready to tattoo our tribal insignias and streak my body and face with warpaint. To burn oil, gas and tire fires in the middle of suburban and urban streets while gunfighting for a Jeep Wrangler, a fat labrador, and a couple of kids who look like they can work hard while chained and beaten.

Romney/Ryan - bring us a hopeless future of the rich enclaving away, fiddling while Rome conflagrates, and the rivers dry. We will find great sport in finding the rich and dragging them out of their McMansions and stealing their crap and drowning them in their pools and driving away in their Escalades and Lexuses with Metallica blaring and machine gun fire echoing in the night with tracers lighting up the sky with the future our Republican Party will bring us.

Let's fucking do it. Time for the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.

Romney/Ryan 2012 AD. 0000 PA