McCain erupts: Conservatives are lying to America

From the Washington Post:

So the debt limit debate has come to this: John McCain, who you may recall was the GOP’s 2008 standard bearer, is now openly accusing conservatives of actively misleading America with their completely unrealistic demands, which he labeled “deceiving” and “bizarro.”

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I could care less if McCain decides to chastise his lunatics for not voting for the shit sandwich he wants us to eat. Its all about McCain and he's just leveraging himself into some media time while the biggest fucking goat rodeo decides the size and caliber of bullet they want to shoot us in the head with. McCain doesn't look reasonable, he looks like a frustrated kindergarten teacher, after someone dumped a load of chimps in the room.


I'll write an entry analyzing McCain's significance, or lack thereof, to today's political dialogue.

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Lighten up Sis

I think it’s wonderful that the last great hope that the republicans had as a realistic chance for a presidential candidate came out against the wingnuts in his own party. I particularly liked the Hobbit comments even before Colbert took them up and ran with them.

I really miss the intellect and wit of Bill Buckley and the way he took on the Birchers and wingnuts of his time, seems all were left with as conservatives is the droll, eye rolling, stilted writing of George Will or the self satisfying, self aggrandizing rhetoric of Charles Krauthammer that leaves himself so sated that nothing else needs to be said.

For your amusement I leave you with this Sis.

Sounds like a possible return to mental health, to me

McCain was seriously damaged by the 2000 campaign and what Karl Rove &friends did to him. This is the sanest thing I've heard from him in a while.

If only it were as simple to point out that the Congress spends 99% of its time on grandstanding idiocy as to observe that the Emperor is nekkid eh.

McCain won’t apologize for calling tea partiers ‘hobbits’

At the the height of the debt ceiling battle last month, McCain read a Wall Street Journal editorial aloud on the Senate floor that slammed tea party-backed Republicans and called them "hobbits" for demanding a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution in return for their votes to raise the debt ceiling.

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