Eliminate Public Safety in Idaho!

Who said that you are entitled to it?

The constitution (granted, I never dun read it but a friend at the bar told me) merely says something about ensuring the general welfare.

It doesn't say that the government will stop somebody from robbing your house.

Think about it: for hundreds (or at least maybe dozens) of years Idaho survived the good old fashioned way. If somebody started trouble on your farm, grandma went out with the shotgun and pumped some lead in him.

So why do ya'll expect us to fund an Idaho State Police Department?

Watch this video for concrete proof of our position:

If grandma can do it, why can't you?!?!


The quote of the week once again goes to Rep. Brian Cronin:

Idaho has the same number of state troopers today (2011) as we did in 1977 (when we had almost half the population). Bloated government, indeed. Public safety? Just another entitlement program.

And see: Time to stop beggaring the state police from the Times News in Twin Falls.

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Further discussion

Violent crime has increased in Idaho

From the article linked in the above entry:

The year 1977 was a long time ago. Idaho had 41 percent fewer residents than it does today. Its violent crime rate was 42 percent lower than it is now. And yet Idaho has exactly the same number of state police officers patrolling its highways as it did 34 years ago.