But Don't Republicans Love "Responsibility?"

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Someone needs to ask Wayne Hoffman!

According to KBOI:

It's 80 pages of purported waste and ineffectual government spending.

It's called the 2011 Idaho Report on Government Waste and it's put out by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit governmental watchdog group. Inside the huge report is page after page of citations, research and advice from experts who say various programs in Idaho's schools, pension programs and urban renewal plans are ineffectual across the state.

Wayne Hoffman is Executive Director of the group.

"I still read it and I get angry," Hoffman said. "I'm sitting here looking at all these expenses tax payers are putting their money into and I'm saying why? Why are we doing this and what can we do?"

The following response wins the award for Quote of the Week:

(Butch Otter's) State of the State address lacked vision, substantive ideas, and a plan for the future. Here's what puzzles me: Republicans have controlled the Statehouse with large majorities for 16 years. How is that government became so "bloated" on their watch? (emphasis added). And regarding the "proper role of govt.," since when is educating kids, ensuring the public's safety, and protecting our most vulnerable citizens improper?

- Brian Cronin, Idaho House of Representatives, Boise District 19B.

Who has been sailing Idaho's spending ship?


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Your "waste" is my "vital program"

There will always be an irreducible minimum of slop and waste in any massive budget. Compentent managers try to keep this to a minimum. But what most 'deficit peacocks' really mean by "waste, fraud and abuse" is any spending they personally disagree with. You know, spending on bilingual education, or school lunches in poor districts, or birth control, or...you name it.

Any spending you don't personally want to see tends to be instantly conflated with 'waste'.

by Ralphdog


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Government bloated?

Funny thing, when you look at the actual honest to God numbers for GDP and government spending (which I did, and presented them, here), that isn't the conclusion you draw.

Government's steady (as indeed we should wish it to be), and in spite of significant increase (and influx) in population, Idaho's spending hasn't expanded near as fast as the state's economy as a whole.