Green Diaries: Meteor Blades to the Rescue

Daily Kos is such a popular forum that it has been called "an internet within the internet."

But such massive use brings downsides.

Sometimes, a blogger is lucky if a newly written diary stays on the screen for even a few minutes, due to the sheer volume of participation.

So the blogs' founder Markos Moulitsas wisely instituted a diary rescue feature. Through this method, select entries of importance can get another run on the big screen.

That's why all of us here at 123idaho were delighted during a recent search to find that at least a couple of our diaries regarding the Gem State were picked up by Daily Kos in-house writer Meteor Blades in his Green Diary Rescue thread.

A lot of important things happen in Idaho. And it is always good when our state receives international attention for issues other than the ones that keep late-night comedians in business.

From a Daily Kos Green Diary Rescue last summer:

123idaho wondered if we are making the best decisions for Idaho’s families and natural legacy?: "Whether your summertime rituals involve an annual hike up a favorite trail or Sunday evenings at the old fishing hole, the great outdoors are one big reason most of us choose to live in Idaho. From our pristine lakes and rivers to abundant, accessible public land to clear blue skies, we are blessed with scenic and recreational riches. We also know that these gifts were given to us to use wisely, and that we are called to be stewards of the air, land and water that both feed our souls and help us keep food on our tables. Just as we all shoulder a great deal of individual responsibility for our actions, as lawmakers, we know that decisions made in the Idaho Legislature can affect our environment. Are we making the best decisions?"

Read the full story:

From a Daily Kos Green Diary Rescue last fall:

123idaho had some praise for somebody who usually doesn’t get much from progressives in Simpson Supports Clean Transportation Energy Alternatives: "With such a dismal record on enviromental issues following the Republican party, it is interesting to see a conservative working in this fashion: Idaho Republican Congressman Mike Simpson is a cosponsor of H.R. 1835, the New Alterative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions, or NAT GAS, Act of 2009. H.R. 1835 focuses on increasing the availability of natural gas-fueled vehicles in the United States."

Read the full story:

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I made the Kos rescue list

a couple of weeks ago on a 9/11 topic. Scoring two rescues is a good achievement, and kudos to 123Idaho!

Daily Kos is a mighty powerful place, and a mighty large one. For most liberals, Idaho is a lost cause. It's hard to keep Idaho Democrats in the national eye, so even if nothing on Kos attracts much lasting attention, what attention that we do get is very widespread.

We have a lot of very good writers here on 43. I hope we can make a money bomb happen for some of our people... Sullivan could use one, and Allred might need one later on... Otter will need to go negative before this election's over, and will spend whatever he needs to try to keep the Governor's office.

Questions ...

What is the Kos rescue list? (Scared to ask since I'm sure it's something I should know. Don't go to Daily Kos very often, she said in a small voice.)

How does our writing relate to making a money bomb?

Money Bomb ingredients:

1) Take 1 Sisyphus

2) Stuff with one case Mentos (the freshmaker!)

3) Pump in four 2-liter bottles warm Diet Coke

4) Shove keyboard into his hands before running frantically to underground concrete shelter

5) BOOM!!

6) ... ewwwwwww...

7) Profit!


Now look what you've done. Who's gonna clean this up?

I think that's D2's job ...

... whoever he is.


d2 who? Oh yeah, *that* guy. Pretty sure he's too busy for us blogger folk anymore. Hasn't made an appearance in the tubes lately. Perhaps we might have to throw a shin-dig or something to root him out... ;)

kos rescue

The Daily Kos is more complicated to post to because is a really big joint, and was a very important part of Obama's win in 2008.

Any member can post to it, just like here, but it has so many members that it has a different posting system for pieces that are articles. There, articles are called 'diaries'.
When you join as a member, Kos sends an instruction e-mail that describes the system. Essentially, it says to start small and work your way up as you become more familiar with the process.

Most of the articles come from members who have made comments on other articles that were thoughtful, useful, or in some way distinguishing enough to gain some notice. Frequency is not nearly as important as thoughtfulness when it comes to making comments, I've found.

A new member who makes comments that are noticed by a team of volunteers who read through the comments.

Any new diaries almost always show up on the home page in the New Diaries sidebar, but there are so many that most are only on the home page for about 15-30 minutes or less, and are soon replaced by others.

The Diary Rescue crew read these diaries, and if 2 or more recommend them, they go back on the front page for a second look in a daily Diary Rescue section. Each rescued topic gets a short blurb describing the topic, and is placed on the main section of the page, not in the side bar. The daily Diary Rescue section gets a lot of readership because of it's second-look nature; if it was good enough to get another shot, it's pretty good.

That 123Idaho's stuff got Meteor Blade's attention is a big deal. Meteor Blades is a highly skilled political writer who was first a long-time member, and now is a paid Kos staffer. After he came out under his real name, he has appeared on several of the political talk shows on TV, and is a professional political commentator for a big newspaper.

One former Idahoan, McJoan, is another important Kos staffer who sometimes writes on Western politics. She lives in D.C., but still has family here, and for a long time, was one of the few who regularly wrote about Idaho politics. A hat tip from her is as important as one from Meteor Blades.

I only read Kos for several years before I even started commenting, and my first diary came along later still. My diary that hit the Rescue List was out of the norm for me- I decided to limit myself to just Idaho stuff, but I have a curious connection to one of the people who were directly involved with the aftermath of 9/11.

My handle on Kos is Idaho07 . You can read it if you search for Idaho07 there.

When a recognized contributor calls for a money bomb, the money that comes in from one can be really significant. But the case has to be proven that the candidate is important to the progressive cause for it to get real attention from Kos, Meteor Blades, and the big boys of the site. Once it does, they will really push it.

One memorable money bomb was for a Washington state Congressional candidate, a woman, who was running a close race as an underdog and lost her home to a fire just before the election. The bomb delivered well over $100,000 to her campaign in less than 24 hours, and I think she won.

Daily Kos is particularly keen on the purple states that are leaning progressive or have a real swing going on. Montana and Colorado were both states that got a lot of Kos attention and money in 2008.

Darcy Burner

She's the progressive candidate who ran in Washington State's 8th CD in 2006 and 2008 but, unfortunately, lost both times, and whose house burned down in summer of '08. I was at a blogger's conference in D.C. in March of 2008 and she spoke to the group. Very smart, sharp person.

And, of course, I can't say enough wonderful things about Daily Kos' (and Idaho's own) Joan McCarter, who is a supporter and friend to Idaho Democrats, as well as to a bunch of us who loiter around this little ol' weblawg. Just don't ask her to let D2 drive her car again. That would be baaad.