Racists are Ranting. Join the Discussion.

UPDATE: White Man's Party: The Strange Career of Republican Racism talks about this problem. It is a must read.


Our post Hostility to minorities is held by the far right majority of the Republican Party was picked up by several reference sites, including Topix.com.

In this discussion, kodbager writes (among other things):

Here's a valid question. As a "minority" ... just what the hell is it that really distinguishes YOUR want's and wishes from that of MINE???

Yes, I'm White and hell no, I don't feel as if that's something to apologize for either the way many White Liberals demand of me in the name of "Political Correctness". 66% of this nation's total population are still NON-Hispanic Whites (www.census.gov ), so what?? It was "Politically IN-Correct" for me to list those mathematical FACTS ... But by-God it's the truth!! It's right there in the link I provided!!

So back to it, just what concerns do any of YOU have as a Black, Hispanic, or whatever other "minority" that differ all that much from mine, a White mans concerns?

Do you worry about the economy more than me? I highly doubt it!
Do you worry about the staggering costs that Illegal Foreign Nationals have on OUR economy more than me? Again, I very highly doubt that one!!

So just what is it that puts YOUR concerns, YOUR wants & wishes above MINE??? No really, I'm asking!!