Idaho Democratic Party Convention Update

Here's a little something I found in my email today:

Dear Idaho Democrats,
This has been a busy week as all of the county organizations have been meeting to elect new leadership (or re-elect existing leadership). State law dictates that these organizational meetings happen within 10 days of the Primary Election so our counties have been busy!
I had the pleasure of being in Twin Falls this week where they resoundingly reappointed their leadership team, led by Harry Phillips. I was there with representatives from the McClure campaign and the Whitworth campaign who were warmly received by our friends in the Magic Valley. The Twin Falls County Dems have a full summer of events planned (almost a parade or fair a week!) and a slate full of motivated candidates. Good practice for them as Twin Falls is soon to become the landing strip for our next President!
In convention news…

We have a great list of delegates, alternates, and guests who have registered for the State Convention in Pocatello. The planning committee has done a great job and there will be no lack of interesting things to do.
If you’re planning on going, but haven’t registered, please do so now—we need a good head count for the banquet on Saturday evening and with Congressman Matheson as the speaker I know it will be a full house.
Also—if you are planning to throw your name in the hat to be a delegate to the National Convention in Boston make sure you go to our website and hit the Delegate Selection button. Everyone who intends to run for a delegate slot must submit their intent forms to the IDP by June 14th.
Finally … the State Party is hosting a fundraising reception immediately preceding the banquet on Saturday. We’ve ordered Kerry gear for you to purchase (they’re not giving away freebies this time folks), we’ll have Kerry ads playing and Alan Blinken will be on hand to give a first hand account of the Presidential campaign trail. Proceeds will go into our Coordinated Campaign fund so that we can help elect Democrats from the court house to the White House in November.
Thanks for all you do, I look forward to seeing you in Pocatello !
Maria Weeg
Executive Director
Idaho Democratic Party