Larry Grant Is Not A Wuss

It hasn't been a real good month for Larry Grant. First, Cecil Andrus openly snubbed him by touring the 1st CD with primary opponent Walt Minnick. Then New West revisited allegations reported in a June Dan Popkey article which accused Grant of basically blowing the '06 race. Grant responded, albeit with mixed reviews, including some mixed comments of my own.

But here's where it gets interesting. In addition to his original New West op-ed Grant came back to personally respond to these criticisms, at New West and right here at 43SB.

I stand by my comments that Grant should let '06 go and move on (so should everyone else, incidentally). Even so, it occurs to me this guy has some serious cajones coming into the blogosphere and slugging it out like this, even challenging d2 to run in the 2nd CD like he did. I don't see ANYONE else doing this, not even the relatively tech savvy Larry LaRocco. Can you imagine someone like Mike Crapo or Butch Otter jumping into the fray like this?

If nothing else, Idaho needs aggressive Democrats, and lots of them. Larry Grant earned a ton of points in my book over the past few days.