Repubs get a clue; frost warnings for Hell tonight

When John Ashcroft gets no turkee from Idaho Republicans, you know the Patriot Act is in trouble. At their convention in Boise last week the state GOoPers added a platform to their plank revising the well-derided act. Betsy Z. Russell in today’s Spokesman-Review writes:

The GOP platform plank reads, “The Patriot Act is necessary to facilitate the cooperation between law enforcement agencies. We support appropriate amendments to limit the incursion upon personal freedoms, rights, and liberties of American citizens.”

Shorter Idaho Republican Party: “Hey, we just remembered — we don’t like government intrusion!” I guess even a blind elephant finds a peanut once in a while. At least they’re finally in good company.

Moscow’s City Council last week also passed a resolution critical of the Patriot Act on civil liberties grounds. Others in Idaho that have passed such resolutions include the city of Boise, the East Bonner County Free Library District, and the Idaho County commissioners in north-central Idaho.

I’d like to believe the wingers’ enlightenment is more than transitory, but I won’t hold my breath. Still, with all their marriages collapsing due to the Gay Menace™ (see Limbaugh, Rush), I suppose anything is possible.