Bush to Repubs: "Where's the love, man?"

If it weren't for his wingut base keeping him from freefall, Dubya would be curled up under his bed right now, whimpering. CNN says:

Several former presidential diplomatic and military officials have signed a statement condemning the Bush administration's foreign policy, saying that it has harmed national security, one of the document's signers said Sunday.

Many of the signers were appointed by Republican administrations.

Phyllis Oakley, the deputy State Department spokeswoman during former President Ronald Reagan's second term and an assistant secretary of state under former President Bill Clinton, said the statement was "prompted by a growing concern, deeply held, about the future of the country's national security."

The statement clearly calls for defeat of the Bush administration, she said, although it does not endorse any candidate.

"We are on the wrong track, and we need a fundamental change," said Oakley.

That banging sound you hear is Karl Rove thumping his head repeatedly against the top of his desk. Hey, it's got a beat and you can dance to it!