Idaho Progressive Caucus

The recently-formed Idaho Progressive Caucus — made up of former supporters of Howard Dean's presidential campaign — is working to get their website up, but their Statement of Principles and Positions can be found online here.

Idaho Progressives value progressive ideals and fiscal responsibility. These values lay the foundation for our prosperity and happiness. The building blocks of a great future for Idaho are: world-class education, good jobs, fair taxes, efficient government, an unmatched quality of life and a just society.

Good stuff. These folks sound like they're locked and loaded for the Idaho Democrats convention in Pocatello this week. I look forward to seeing how organized they are.

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Idaho Progressive Caucus

This November will be a golden opportunity for Democrats throughout Idaho to re-establish a true two-party system. I predict Democracy for America and the Progressive Democratic Caucus will play an important role.

Del Bunce for Idaho

Thanks for the nice words! A

Thanks for the nice words! As far as organized...well....:-)