Hey, Lizzie -- forget Wyoming, run in Idaho!

We get letters...

Open Letter to Liz Cheney

Ms. Cheney:

Pssssstttt! I’m over here... just across the border in Victor, Idaho. Can we talk?

You’re causing quite a ruckus over the pass in your new state of Wyoming. The GOP establishment is not very happy with you at the moment. You’re coming off a bit brash and aggressive.

I've got a suggestion: move over the border to Victor and run against Senator Risch. Why be persona non grata in Wyoming when you could be a hero in Idaho? Seriously.

Both states are redder than red but things are different here. In Wyoming the GOP establishment actually likes the incumbent. Not so in Idaho.

Senator Enzi exudes vibes that he likes his job and thinks it's a challenge. Sen. Risch thinks it’s a breeze and likes to travel all over the world on the government credit card with his wife. They’re having a ball. Think of what you could do with that narrative. It worked against Sen. Pressler.

In Wyoming you're in deep trouble with Representative Lummis. She is tight with Sen. Enzi and that could be uncomfortable. I get the sense Sen. Barrasso wasn’t too keen on your surprise announcement either. That dynamic doesn't exist in Idaho. Rep. Simpson hates Sen. Risch and I bet he would be one of your first high profile supporters. Pretty cool, huh? Sen. Risch and Governor Otter have avoided direct political confrontation in the past but there's no love lost there. Get this picture?

Besides, it's easier to run against someone who is arrogant and dismissive. That's Jim Risch. Senator Enzi is not pushy and people seem to like his "ah shucks" demeanor. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be on a four-day cruise with Sen. Risch... if you know what I mean. You would definitely get under his skin and he could blow like a Saturn Rocket.

The Tea Party and Club For Growth dominate Idaho and Jim Risch is cuddling with them big time just to avoid a primary. It would be such a hoot to have you in a primary to fight over the future of the Idaho Republican Party.

Jim Risch hates to raise money. He’s pretty rich himself and your candidacy would test his resolve for picking up the phone or writing his own checks. Right now he’s relying on a 2014 race with no fundraising, no campaigning and no constituent work.

Wyoming politics are pretty dull compared to the civil war underway on the right fringe in Idaho. Your move of a few miles to Victor wouldn't be such a chore. The upside is tremendous and you avoid all of the headaches. You will have instant support from within the Idaho GOP. There are many itching for an intramural fight.

Please consider this suggestion. I would hate to see you get bruised in your outing against Sen. Enzi when you could breeze to victory against Jim Risch. Idaho isn't Wyoming but since you’re looking for a new place to hang your cowboy hat it's better than most.

Please consider. Six more years of a do nothing senator is dreadful to contemplate.