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Labrador Scores! Labrador Lies! Labrador Spins!

And see the crosspost with a poll on Daily Kos:
Labrador Scores! Labrador Lies! Labrador Spins!

After commenting under the original story below, we realized that this issue deserves its own cohesive post.

Why do we feel like this, now three part saga, is going to have many more parts?

To begin with:

LABRADOR SCORES  read more »

Labrador Scores!

"U.S. House hopeful Raul Labrador’s cash-strapped campaign has moved to downtown Boise to conserve resources, setting up a new headquarters outside the congressional district he wants to represent," the Idaho Press Tribune Reports.

Give Labrador credit for being frugal. He's promoting Idaho grittiness and thrift!  read more »

MI-07: GOP candidate: Tea Party is first people-powered movement in history

Former Congressman Tim Walberg is in the midst of an expensive and competitive primary in Michigan's 7th district, as he tries to reclaim the seat he lost to Democrat Mark Schauer in 2008.

Clearly, if one thing has been made clear this electoral cycle, Republican candidates are required to exercise proper fealty to the teabagger movement,

writes Steve Singiser on Daily Kos.  read more »

Raul Labrador: How Firm a Foundation?

UPDATE: In late March, 1st Congressional District Candidate Raul Labrador, then an underdog contender against National Republican Congressional Committee-favored candidate Vaughn Ward, told a group of conservative activists that Republican leaders in Washington were responsible for the rise of the Democratic congressional majority, and mentioned House Republican Leader John Boehner by name, Politico reports.

"The problem is that John Boehner and the establishment in Washington D.C. failed us a few years back. That's why we have Obama and a Democratic Congress right now," Labrador said to applause. "If they would have stood up on principles from the beginning, we wouldn't have Obama in the White House right now."

A Democratic source provided POLITICO with an audio recording of Labrador's remarks, which came during a question-and-answer session with the Treasure Valley Pachyderms, a local GOP club.

But Washington, DC is not like good ole Idaho, and Labrador is now attempting to soften his anti-insider stance.

It will be interesting to see how the candidate, who built his house on being extremist and divisive, wades through these treacherous waters on the big stage.


Did you watch the Republican delegation on the night Obama won?

Several Idaho Republicans won that night too.

And the big boys, Otter, Risch, Simpson etc. all exchanged various rounds of "thank yous" and gave gratitude to colleagues.

But one name was noticeably absent from the thank you list:  read more »

Wayne Hoffman invited to teach a full day of middle school

We have faith in Wayne!

Patti Moylan of Caldwell penned an open letter to Idaho Freedom Foundation Executive Director Wayne Hoffman.

"Dear Mr. Hoffman, I propose a challenge: I sincerely invite you to come to my classroom for a day next fall. Any day, you can name the day" she wrote.

"I would like for you to stay the whole day in my classroom, through all seven periods, meeting all the children I have — somewhere between 120 and 130.

You are welcome to come prepared with a lesson, any lesson of your choosing — one that matches my curriculum or not. I’m making it easy for you. The content of the lesson may be anything you wish, and since I teach composition and literature, the former should be right up your alley."

The teacher continued:  read more »

We are that social media

Idaho State Republican Chairman Norm Semanko said he’d "never seen anything like the rise and fall of Vaughn Ward’s campaign. Ward, a decorated Iraq war veteran, was making his first run for office; he’d piled up endorsements from much of Idaho’s GOP mainstream, including two former governors.

“I think social media is playing a significant role in politics in general,” Semanko said. “Even though it was a low turnout, what drove people to vote was the social media. … Things are changing before our eyes.”

And we are that social media.

Good job, 43sb.  read more »

Idaho Press Tribune: Steve Kren is "the weakest link among Canyon County's delegation."

Political observers could see this one coming a mile away.

Too much time on the Nintendo and XBox 360 can be detrimental to legislative efficiency.

Steven (Steve) Kren Jr. "earned the Idaho Press-Tribune endorsement two years ago, but with this warning:

We expect him to flex his political muscle more this term. If he doesn’t, he’ll need to be replaced,” reads today's IPT editorial.

Hi, my name is Steve Kren, I am your Representative from District 13. I am a small business owner, and committed to making government as efficient as my business.  read more »

Exhibit Honors Al Grey and Ray Brown as Jazz Greats and Pioneers of Racial Equality

Written by Donna Emert

For 43 years at the University of Idaho, the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival has brought jazz masters together with elementary, junior high, high school and college students to share and celebrate this truly American art form. It has featured hundreds of musicians from around the world, including China, the Czech Republic, Portugal and Peru, as well as students from Canada, Japan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan.  read more »

Stupid comment: "People of Color - A Term Only Used in Idaho"

“Intelligence plus character is the true meaning of education.” -- Martin Luther King

In a comment under today's Idaho Statesman story entitled:

Hundreds celebrate MLK Day in Boise ...

A commenter named Galena responded to this quote:

“Legislative acts are needed to improve the disparity (between whites and people of color),” William Rainford, a professor of social work at Boise State University, told the gathering which included many students who traveled from Southcentral Idaho.

... by saying:  read more »

Rex Rammell: You're Invited!

Feeling left out?

Fear no more.

Rex Rammell, an Idaho gubernatorial candidate, issued a formal apology last week about his exclusion of non-Mormons from his upcoming meetings dealing with the so-called "White Horse Prophecy," the Idaho Statesman reported.

Rammell said he was wrong to assume that nonmembers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wouldn't be interested in hearing his message regarding a prophecy about saving the United States Constitution. He said he hopes the meetings bring people of all faiths together.  read more »

Rumor Control: Governor Otter Stepping Down?

According to The Boise Picayune:

BOISE, Idaho -- The Boise Picayune has received unsubstantiated reports - Rumors - that although he will attempt to finish his term, Idaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter will probably be announcing his resignation at the end of the present Legislative Session, citing "Personal Reasons".

 read more »

Idaho State University faculty member Howard Schmidt named White House Cybersecurity Coordinator by President Obama

Technology industry veteran to help improve nation’s military and civilian cybersecurity

POCATELLO — Howard A. Schmidt, research professor of information assurance policy at Idaho State University, has been appointed White House Cybersecurity Coordinator by President Barack Obama. In this role, Schmidt will report to the National Security Council and closely support the National Economic Council on cyber issues.

Schmidt is an integral member of the Informatics Research Institute (IRI) faculty whose continued input into curriculum and policy in the IRI and the College of Business is essential. He guides the students in the nationally-recognized academic and research program at ISU and works with students in the CyberCorps program on a regular basis.

Howard Schmidt with President Barack Obama. White House photo by Lawrence Jackson

Howard Schmidt with President Barack Obama. White House photo by Lawrence Jackson  read more »

March, Keynote Address by Cornel West Highlight MLK Celebration at Boise State University


Boise State University’s Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Celebration will honor the slain civil rights leader’s legacy with a number of events beginning with a march and rally Jan. 18 and including a keynote address by Dr. Cornel West Jan. 25.

All events are free and open to the public.

This year’s theme is “Back to Basics: Expanding the Dream.” A full schedule of events, including a poetry reading, workshops and a Legacy of Faith breakfast, will be posted  read more »

Proof that Rex Rammell is Right!

Some call him crazy, for espousing that "White Horse Prophecy."

But if this video does not convince you to follow Rex, nothing will:

Underscored: importance of providing ecosystem services and mitigating climate change

Written by Sue McMurray

Improving our understanding of risks to threatened species populations worldwide is the ambition of Jan Schipper, a University of Idaho graduate student. He is the recent winner of the William T. Hornaday Conservation Award, a national award from the American Society of Mammalogists that recognizes Schipper's significant contribution as a student to the conservation of mammals and their habitats.

"It is truly an honor to receive the Hornaday Award from the American Society of Mammalogists," said Schipper. "I hope my research and conservation ethic will be positive examples for others and inspire in them the same passion I feel for the preservation of imperiled species and habitats."  read more »

An Anti-Abortion Twist: Fort Hood Slayings and Senator Jim Risch

"What, exactly, would be the difference between being convicted of 14 murders rather than 13? Answer: political grandstanding. ... If you're going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance," wrote DaNang65 under our crosspost on Daily Kos (see 123idaho's diary).

Angry Gnome Senaturd, sometimes known as U.S. Senator Jim Risch, is seizing an opportunity within the Fort Hood tragedy to work a pro-life agenda into the legal proceedings.  read more »

2010 Borah Symposium to Address Global Action through Social Media

As awareness of social media increases, so do the implications for its use in communicating the atrocities of war and building global peace.

The University of Idaho's 2010 Borah Symposium, entitled "@Peace @War – Global Action through Social Media," will explore the connections between information technology, social media, war and building peace. The event, scheduled for April 5-7, is free and open to the public.  read more »

Sustainability Projects at University of Idaho

And now for some good news on a Monday morning ...

MOSCOW, Idaho – Through an competitive process, thanks to $25,000 in funding provided by the University of Idaho Sustainability Center and the Sustainable Idaho Initiative, nine projects have been selected to advance sustainability efforts at the University of Idaho's Moscow campus in surrounding communities.

The annual grant competition is one collaborative way the university's sustainability efforts move forward. The funded projects will be led by students, faculty and staff and will support problem solving across a broad spectrum of sustainability issues. The grants support initiative work in broad areas such as transportation, food systems, waste minimization, energy and education.

The projects include:  read more »

City Hall has disenfranchised voters in Boise – TJ Thomson calls for immediate corrections

Early this week, The City of Boise sent letters to over 3,000 registered voters who live in 10 consolidated polling districts. The city included with each letter an unsolicited absentee ballot request form. According to the Boise Weekly, “Deputy City Clerk Wendy Burrows-Johnson said in September that they consolidate precincts—mainly combining ones within city limits with precincts that straddle city and county lines—in order to save money.”

However, rather than sending only letters to these precincts notifying voters of the change in their voting location, which is a great idea, they sent unsolicited ballot requests to every voter in the affected precincts.

On Thursday, TJ Thomson officially called on the City of Boise to correct this egregious, unequal treatment of Boise’s voters.

TJ stated, "It troubles me to see that the City of Boise Elections Office has sent unsolicited absentee request forms to only select precincts in Boise, as opposed to all of Boise’s citizens. I want to see high voter turn-out across the City, but this mailer was only intended to increase turnout in the outskirts of Boise, in newly consolidated precincts. Voters across Boise should have been afforded the same opportunity to vote via absentee ballot – regardless of where they live. I ask that the City immediately rectify this situation."  read more »

Does Idaho State University need a football team?

UPDATED Monday, Oct. 19, 2009, 8:20 a.m.

Head coach John Zamberlin will man the Bengals through 2011.Head coach John Zamberlin will man the Bengals through 2011.

Many are feeling stressed about the scores of Idahoans who have lost their jobs in this recession.

Idaho State University has not been immune to this problem. 70 faculty and staff were recently downsized and scores of other positions were left unfilled.

"In my experience, ISU has a diverse faculty of well-grounded people. Many come from hardscrabble backgrounds and they certainly know and care about their students," said biology professor David Delahanty. "Not only are faculty experiencing the challenges of the recession, they are interacting daily with students and parents who are being battered by this awful economic storm."

The former chair of the faculty senate added:

"Personally, I am advocating that ISU cut all or some of its NCAA athletics program and redirect the $3.1 million in state appropriated funds annually going to ISU athletics towards academic programs that benefit all students. ... no ISU program should be immune from scrutiny and evaluation."

In the midst of this turmoil, it is ironic to take note of an ISU employee who has been given a plum guarantee of job security.

ISU Director of Athletics Jeff Tingey said during a Thursday press conference that he’s as optimistic as ever that head coach John Zamberlin is the right guy to turn the football team around.

Two days later Northern Colorado held Idaho State -11 yards rushing, and sandwiched halftime with a pair of long touchdown marches as the Bears came away with a 30-7 win over Idaho State, ending their 19-game road losing streak and picking up their first ever Big Sky Conference road win. The Bengals, who dropped to 0-7 on the year, will now head to Northern Arizona on Saturday with a 19-game road skid of their own to break.

"Let’s hope (Tingey) is right, because ISU has rolled the dice," says an Idaho State Journal edtorial. The newspaper reminds us that "the university bought out the contract of its former head football coach, Larry Lewis, and he won some games."  read more »

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