Koch Bros. funded Americans for Prosperity recruiting Idaho high schoolers to badmouth President Obama

UPDATE 10/25/2012: Sisyphus has a post up above, "It's the Deception, Stupid" that rips into the scheme by Americans for Prosperity as the push poll it really is. You definitely want to check it out.

Americans for Prosperity (a Koch brothers-spawned political outfit) appear to be working with Mitt Romney national finance co-chair Frank VanderSloot's company Melaleuca to recruit Idaho high-school kids in Jefferson and Madison counties to make anti-Obama calls in return for cash. The kids are handing the fliers out to their fellow students at the schools (but who exactly is providing them to the kids in the first place?).

Oh, and if you believe Americans for Prosperity is non-partisan, I have a 50-story office building in Bone, Idaho I'd like to sell you -- cheap!

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Wow . . .

. . . just wow.

Why am I not surprised? Disgusted -- yes, but not surprised.

Bone, Idaho, you say?

I've been looking to expand my holdings, and could use a 50-story office building. Msg me.

Thank you

my friend, for the update.

FB, the ironic thing about the Bone reference is that it now has lot of ten story windmills up thataway that Vandersloot hates with a passion.

OMG it's real

Who knew? Bone, Idaho


I did. I wasn't kidding. Vandersloot hates those windmills dotting the area around Bone. It's a beautiful and relatively undiscovered part of Idaho.